Clean drinking water

Drinking water from the sea, the nearest lake or river?

Yes – now it’s possible – easy, fast and cheap!
Are you,  as we were, tired of carrying drinking water in canisters from town, to carry them to the car, the boat, from the bridge to the cottage?
Have you also had to count how many cups of coffee you can cook, so the water is enough for the next day?
Or have you also had to leave earlier from the cottage because you didn’t have enough drinking water?
Is your well water cloudy, irony or salty?

vattenglasI know how it feels – I’ve been there!.
A few years ago you could wash in rainwater, but it’s not clean either! It flows down the roof where birds leave their own business cards, the bacteria thrive in the heaps of barrels, birch seeds and leaves in the watercourses. In the barrels the algae grow in the heat, not to mention all air compounds that pollute the water!
Now I have plenty of water provided by my water purification plant that provides crystal clear, clean drinking water directly from the sea, without chemicals and free from bacteria and heavy metals! Since it has been installed, our life has changed completely – the water does not end, the purification plant produces more than 100 liters per hour!  It smells fresh in the sauna when we throw baths, and we no longer need to breathe heavy metals into the water vapor.

Just open the faucet!
Together with Magnus Numelin, a process chemist (DI) and electrician, we will, if necessary, arrange installation, provide care EMPRO-100A1and, if necessary, take care of winter maintenance.

Want to know more, would you like to come and see our plant in Onas, taste the water and see how easy it is?
Contact, by phone, email or text. We can also visit and measure how long pipes are needed, discuss the need for cranes, electrical installations and check your water quality!

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