”You have own house but no clean water? Even the well have brown smelly water. I think this is the savior!”

A12B74FF-E9A9-4B94-BE54-F52E88E6872DTechnical info

Dimensions: 55cm x 80cm x 195cm
Capacity: 250 l/h
Consumption: max 1500W
Clean water reservoir: 310 l
Noise: approx. 55dBA

EMPRO-250 purifies almost any water from a natural water source in Finland to excellent drinking and household water with reverse osmosis without chemicals. Integrated supply pump delivers clean water to the house water network. The device can take raw water from the ocean, lake, well or other source.

The device has opted to have integrated UV-cleaner. Also, larger clean water reservoir is possible.

The device uses our patented technologies. Which makes water purifying remarkably energy efficient and fully adjustment free. Compact structure and design makes the device extremely space efficient. Materials and components are tested and stated to be trustworthy.

Device capacity is designed for demanding family use. The device provides clean water to example sauna, shower, kitchen, dishwasher and washing machine.

EMPRO-250 is developed and manufactured in Finland. It has been developed to family house use, demanding leisure houses or other places where EMPRO-100 capacity is not enough.